Price list


Ceník platný od 1.9. 2017

1 person

at least 2 people in the apartment

490 CZK

1 person

Occupying only one bed

850 CZK

children 3-12 years

Child under 2 years free of charge

300 CZK


50 CZK


for at least 4 people

105 CZK

New year 25.12. - 2.1.

1 person                                                                 600 CZK

children 3 - 12 let                                                  400 CZK

occupancy of all apartments (12 beds + 6 extra beds) 8000 CZK


Discount 10 % off from total price (Not applicable to children) for off-season accommodation 1.11.- 23.12. And 3.1.- 30.4.

Conditions: Stay minimum 2 nights

Cancellation of stay:

You must notify them in writing by e-mail or post

The postage stamp decides about the cancellation fee. If the client cancels a stay or part of the stay on arrival or during the stay (unless it is a serious cancellation due to medical reasons), cancellation fees of 100% of the value of the ordered services will be charged if the room can not occupy a relaxed room. (According to the Civil Code, § 759 - the damage caused to the accommodation by the premature cancellation of the accommodation is obligated to replace the accommodated person, if the owner of the property can not prevent the damage, so the landlord is entitled to reimbursement of the lost profit for the days in which, due to your cancellation, the room has not been occupied. The days when the room was already occupied by someone else are not subject to compensation). Written confirmation of the reservation and possible reimbursement of the price of the stay the client confirms that he has been familiar with these cancellation conditions and respects them.

Cancel fees: 

20-11 days before the stay 50% of the deposit 

10-2 days before arrival 100% of the deposit

Contact: Jana Vanžurová - 607 617 308


Platnost od 1.9.2017

1 hodina

cena za 1 osobu na 60min, pro začátečníky i pokročilé

350 Kč

2 hodiny

cena za 120min., pouze pro pokročilé jezdce

750 Kč/1os 

1.200 Kč/2os.

3 hodiny

cena za 180min., pouze pro pokročilé jezdce

1.200 Kč/1 os.

1.900 Kč/2os.

15-20 minut pro děti

Vodění pro ty nejmenší co už dokáží samostatně sedět

150 Kč

základní výcvik na jízdárně

Cena za 45min., pro děti od 6ti let i dospělé

490 Kč